Thursday, July 31, 2014

A finished project - bathrooms and living areas!

I met these wonderful clients last year, and helped them with the renovations of their 70s era home. We chose some beautiful paint colours, and renovated two bathrooms. I am so lucky to have some incredible clients who are easy to work with, have a great style and are willing to try something different!

The little powderroom (above) was a tight space, but we wanted plenty of style since it is the space used by everyone upstairs. We fell in love with the geometric black and white tile, and paired it with simple white subway tile. A tiny floating vanity, and hidden shaving cabinet (behind the mirror) created as much storage as possible within the small space.

The downstairs bathroom was also a smaller room that needed maximum storage. We added a custom vanity and some shelves at the end of the bath. Gloss white walls, and simple marble-look floor tiles, are complimented by a stunning feature wall in aqua coloured glass tiles. The colour is completely gorgeous in person!

Upstairs, we decided to paint the 70s style timber  panelling (on the wall on the left) to create a cohesive feel to the open plan living area. The clients already had the amazing retro barstools and bar in the background, so we chose these replica Hans Wegner elbow chairs to contrast with the contemporary dining table.

In the living room we used their existing sofa in soft green, along with the timber TV cabinet, and added a retro coffee table and some charcoal armchairs for extra seating. We chose a custom deep navy in the gorgeous trellis rug to provide the perfect base to the living room.

I suggested some tall white lamps to balance the height of the walls, and my clients already had some wonderful and personal art pieces to hang.

The entry was also given an update with a new coat of paint, and a statement pendant.

 I love how personal this home, and it is so true to the family's personality. Now we just have to find some window treatments and it will be finished!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's talk about coffee tables...

It always surprising me how many clients I meet who have a wonderful sofa/sectional/lounge and have never had a coffee table. To me they are the most essential element to a living room in the aesthetic side of things (obviously most living rooms need some seating and a TV!). 

Here are a few of my favourite coffee tables around right now, all less than $500.

A: Drum Coffee Table - Freedom - Currently $469
I have been in love with this particular coffee table for quite a while. It's enormous, it's round and it's metal, which make for a pretty great combination in my opinion. The size is perfect if you have a large living space, and I love a round coffee table with a sectional. The silver colour means it is at home in a more glamorous space, as it is in a modern industrial room.

B: Stockholm Coffee Table - Ikea - Currently $299
This is one of those great mid-century designs that sits beautifully with contemporary furniture. Perfect for any retro or Scandi inspired home, but will look equally amazing in a coastal home thanks o the timber finish and surfboard style shape. 

C: Box Frame Coffee Table - West Elm - Currently $499
Uninspired name aside, this coffee table is the white t-shirt of coffee tables, just like West Elm claims. The metal base, and timber top, will look amazing whether you pair with a Hamptons style sofa, or place it in an industrial apartment. Lithe and skinny legs also means it looks great if you want to get crazy with your carpet patterns, or need some visual space in a small room.

D: Replica Noguchi Coffee Table - Milan Direct - Currently $249
This design is a classic for a reason! The Noguchi coffee table is simple, elegant and striking in person. It works brilliantly with most styles and has a simple elegance that looks particularly gorgeous in a luxurious room. The glass top lets the interesting leg design really shine (my favourite is the 'Walnut' finish).

E: Yumi Coffee Table - Living Styles - Currently $279
This simple, contemporary table comes a close second in the white t-shirt stakes. While I haven't used this particular one personally, a bright white coffee table is one of my favourite looks - it dramatically brightens up a room and looks gorgeous against dark coloured rugs and sofas. This piece would be a perfect contrast to a traditional velvet sofa, or pair it with black leather for a modern statement.

Do you have a dream coffee table, or what is your current favourite?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sink into a glamorous bedroom (moodboard)...

I thought I would throw together a mini moodboard for you featuring a few favourite things for a glamorous, luxurious bedroom.

The key to achieving a glamourous feel is texture, texture, texture! Layer up your bedding with a variety of textiles from metallic linens to velvets to fur (faux, of course!). The same goes for the rest of the room too; a rug is a must on hard floors, choose a soft voluminous fabric for curtains and a few soft furnishings like this gorgeous armchair.

A: Vonnegut/Kraft Bed from West Elm
B: Lee Broom Decanter Lights from Tudo&Co
C: Abigail Chair from Freedom
D: Plantation Bedside from Cafe Lighting
E: Josephine Mirror from Regency Distribution
F: Folk Cushion from Rapee
G: Schumacher Chiang Mai Pillow from Etsy
H: Charade Vessel from Freedom

The furniture itself should feature clean lines, with glamorous touches such as metallic finishes, button tufting, glass or mirrored finishes. Add a few finishing touches with a gorgeous textured vase or an oversized mirror and you have the perfect bedroom to sink into at the end of the day!

Happy shopping!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Designing an office

I'm working on the design for my new office at home. It's a small room so I'm trying to pack as much function and style into the little space that I can.

One problem is that the best wall for cabinetry and shelving (thanks to the room dimensions) has a large window in it, so now I'm looking at options for built-ins around windows. Lots of people think that because there's a window on the wall, it's an unusable space, but hopefully these picture will prove you wrong...

Designed by Amie Corley

My original concept was to wrap around the window, as well as have cabinetry underneath.

Designed by Welsh Forsman Associates
If you've got a low window, or in a bedroom, a window seat might be the perfect option to add seating without stealing too much floor space.

Remodel by Tar Paper Crane
I love the option or wrapping right around the window, with cabinetry above and below. This option is lovely with the glass doors.

Designed by Elizabeth Reich

I think in the end I've decided to make it feel more open, with cabinetry below, leaving the rest of the walls bare. Then I can frame the window with artwork, and add a gorgeous blind on the window. Loving this shaker door profile...

JC Penny

Here's a similar look with artwork, blinds and cabinetry, thanks to the always gorgeous Lonny magazine.

Featured in Lonny

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A few little updates at home

They always say that a carpenter's home always needs work and I can confidently say that an interior designer's house is never fully decorated either! Between work, and small renovations still going on, I never seem to get the chance to just decorate at home. 

This weekend I finally had a couple of hours free to play around with some new styling at home! Here's a peek at our living room which is finally coming together with a new sofa and coffee table. The coffee table books are albums I've made using the Kikki.K system. They have turned out absolutely stunning and I plan to do one each year and for each holiday!

Our new sofa is not-so-new but I've just finished re-upholstering it in navy velvet. The cushions still need work to get them perfect but it's an enormous improvement over what we had!

My favourite part of the house is the gorgeous casement windows. They offer wonderful privacy and the dimpled glass provides the prettiest soft light. These wooden armchairs were my 18th birthday present from my Mum.

I also bought a black console table from Freedom before the Christmas holidays which sits in our entry, topped with a gold mirror from Vast Interior. I changed the knobs (which are already pretty ceramic ones) for some I had in red for a bolder pop of colour.

The dresser (above left and below) is a stunning antique piece borrowed from family for some extra storage. The photos above are from various holidays together. My favourite ghost chair sits here, close to the kitchen/dining, for extra seating when required. You can peek through here to the living room and see where we extended the doorway - we haven't had the floors polished yet.

Finally, here's a little peek of our bedroom at the moment. This mirror is another find from Vast Interior ('scuse the smudges) and will have pride of place in the new house as the vanity mirror. You can see the original bathroom plan here.

If you would like to know sources for anything, please just ask!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Traditional with a Twist' Offices

This year I've been kept busy with plenty of commercial work for shopping centres, aged care homes and offices. One of the most rewarding has been the offices of Strategic Lawyers. They moved into their new premises this year, with just a few pieces of furniture, and I've been busy buying plenty of artwork, and a few extra accessories.

Our goal was to create a space that felt warm and inviting, an office with a traditional influence but which still felt modern.

The reception area is feeling much more inviting than a standard space, with some new cushions and a beautiful floor lamp. This lamp is one of my favourite pieces, and is available from Freedom - the fact I found a lamp that combines the light timber of the reception desk, the dark grey fabric and the exact red of the firm's logo is an achievement I'm quite proud of!

We have been gradually adding artwork through the offices; some are modern abstracts, others are law-related. This series is a current favourite among staff.

My favourite though, is the gallery wall. Most of these pieces are law related, with a few Townsville pieces thrown in as well. There is something so interesting about gallery walls like this; a great conversation starter for a business!

Far and away, the best part of the office is the beautiful boardroom. We used the stunning antique boardroom table and chairs the firm already owned, and I added some new art and accessories to tie everything together with some of the more modern furniture pieces. 

A new mirror from Vast Interior has that beautiful warm gold frame which works perfectly with the existing furniture, while some new accessories added some style to the law books of the display cabinets.

What do you think? A little more traditional that the last office I shared!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A new quilt cover!

Have you seen the Just Bedding website? They have some great designs, and a few brands that I can't access in Townsville usually. My only negative on the whole site is I wish you could make the pictures bigger, but that seems to be a standard with lots of bedding sites.

I wanted to try a classic striped design, and ordered the Sandler quilt in Navy. I threw together two quick looks in the guest room the other day (and I mean quick - please excuse the un-ironed bedding!).

This style felt a little more masculine, and would work equally well for everyone from a teenage boy's room to a classic 'Ralph Lauren' style space.

I love reversible quilt covers, as it means I can switch out the look of the room easily. Personally, I probably preferred the narrow ticking style stripe on the reverse, which works better with more feminine accents.

If you're looking for a new quilt cover, I put together some of my favourites from for you to have a look at. I've always gone for neutrals in the past, but I am loving experimenting with some brights...

1. Aurora Jewel Quilt by Logan & Mason.
2. Ashwell Multi Quilt by Deco City Living
3. Lauren Multi Quilt by KS Studio
4. In Bloom Quilt by Lux
5. Noosa Blue Quilt by Logan & Mason
6. Torquay Green Quilt by ShutEye

 But if you're after something more neutral, I have you covered...
1. Allambra Dove Quilt by Logan & Mason
2. Bianca Quilt by Lux  3. Monique Quilt by Lux
4. Shelby Taupe by Logan & Mason
5. Zara Champagne by Platinum Collection
6. Barclay White Quilt by Private Collection

So, do you have a bold or neutral quilt personality? Any favourites you see there?


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