As a girl with a marketing degree and two growing businesses I know how important it is get your brand out in the public eye. Now that I feel 'my design ethos' is growing its readership I wanted to offer an affordable advertising spot for other Aussie & US based businesses to advertise and develop their brand.
My page views have grown 150% in the last six months, and I plan to keep developing my blog and it's readership. My lovely readers are split very evenly between Australia and the US.
Advertising Size & Rate
A 125pix x 125pix ad is available for just $15 per month. Every advertiser will also be featured in a monthly sponsor round-up to showcase your store, a sale or a favourite product.

Your store or products will also be promoted through my Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter accounts.
I welcome ads from any area my blog touches on from interior design products, building and renovating, fashion or events and stationery.
If you are interested in advertising please contact me so we can get started!


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